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Shamanism is an ancient, nature-based, spiritual practice that predates organized religion. No specific belief system is needed. The core principles of shamanism center around the healing of oneself, community, and all sentient life through connection to nature. 

In almost every world culture there are those who serve their society by traveling between everyday reality and the realms outside of linear time. Ones who gather healing information on behalf of their community from helping spirits, ancestors, and guides.

These we call healers, wise ones, oracles, mystics, medicine people... Shamans.

Shamanic practice is a deep healing sacred journey that enriches ones connection to self through ceremony and building a relationship with Mother Earth. We change and transition through cycles as nature does. Nature is the most impressive teacher/healer in this respect.

You haven't come across this website by accident. Everything that happens works in divine right timing and purpose.  

I'm so very glad that you have found your way here. Welcome...

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