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Are you in need of healing emotionally, spiritually, physically? Are you feeling called to learn more about walking a shamanic path?  Perhaps you are feeling called to become a healer? I would be honored to hold space for your healing journey.

Shamanic Reiki
Healing Session

Experience a deeply restorative session that will bring healing emotionally, physically, and spiritually while bringing a sense of balance and center.

These sessions include returning balance to your energy centers (chakras). And may also entail soul retrieval and integration, and cutting of deleterious cords.

Absentee Shamanic Reiki sessions available.

  • 90 minute session $90

A hand holding up a group of large feathers wrapped together.

Shamanic Journey
Meet Your Spirit Guide

Through active meditation techniques known as journeying, you will be guided to meet your personal guardian spirit.  Your helping spirit guide has always been with you and is patiently waiting for you to reach out.

  • 60 - 90 minute session $90

Removal of Instrusive

Everything is made of energy. Intrusive energies can find a way of latching on to our own personal energy field. Whether this is trauma from a past event, energy from another person or even from a place, it does not belong in your luminous energy field and through Shamanic Reiki can be removed.

  • 90 minute session $90

Branches of a tree form a spiral.
Shamanic tools, feathers, crystals, candles, rattles.
A wet footprint on a rock near a gentle stream.

Land Blessing

The beginning of a healthy relationship with the earth that you reside on should begin with a land blessing.

Intention is what directs the energy of the land. Our intention should always be to honor the ancestors who have lived here before us as well as all the sentient life that is on this property.

I will come to you and offer Shamanic Reiki blessings to the land through ceremony and the use of sacred tools.

  • 60 + minute session $90

Home Blessings & Cleansings

Just as one would physically clean their home, cleansing and clearing out stagnant energy is also very important. Energetic "gunk" can become stuck in and around our homes. This may be energy of past events that have taken place there. This energy is no longer serving and needs to be swept away.

I will come to you with shamanic tools and perform a beautiful sacred ceremony for bringing in light and recharging your space.

  • 60 + minute session  $90

Lisa at an event reading tarot cards.

Divination through Tarot

Tarot cards are a powerful tool for guidance, direction, and to help you make important decisions in your everyday life.

(Readings can be done in person, over the phone, or via text. I am also available to come to you if you would like to get a few people together for readings.)

  • Basic tarot reading (30 min.)  $45

  • In depth tarot reading (60 min.) $75

  • In home group readings $45/person
    (minimum of 5 people)

Shabby Chair

*Energy healing systems such as Shamanism, Reiki, and Shamanic Reiki are considered complimentary modalities and are not intended to take the place of medical treatment from licensed medical professionals.*

Upcoming Classes:
Shamanic Reiki 2 certification class is May 22, 2024. This full day course will be filled with experiential learning techniques. Upon completion you'll receive your certification from The Shamans Hart through Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. *must have completed shamanic reiki 1*

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